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Obtain the fourteen/5 Karmic Debt Count Publication

Obtain the fourteen/5 Karmic Debt Count Publication

The fresh one in the Karmic Quantity refers to selfishness and you will mind-intake

Definitely, Karmic Expenses keep a little more weight and you will Karmic Lessons is less severe than just a good Karmic Debt.

KARMIC Number fourteen/5

The amount cuatro from the fourteen/5 signifies this new abuse out-of versatility when you look at the a past manifestation. New cuatro concerns stability, safety, using action-by-action techniques to reach your wants, efforts, and you will duty.

Then amount alongside it (in this situation the fresh new cuatro) is the indication of one’s characteristics of history infringements.

When you yourself have good 14/5 as one of your Core Quantity, understand why: You are now trying to repay to possess previous violations in which you acted through to your own (and often selfish) sense of liberty for your self at the expense of someone else. Brand new 14/5 is letting you know that there might have been a pretty large discipline out-of versatility due to getting irresponsible and you will shunning one sense of responsibility.

It also what to situations in accordance with extreme practices. The amount 5 ‘s the teacher of the positive entry to liberty – or independence thanks to self-punishment. It demands a smooth equilibrium anywhere between “freedom” and “eliminate.”

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